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E-mail Setup

The following information is applicable to accounts hosted by CR-Webs.

>>> To set up Outlook, Thunderbird, Windows Mail, Apple Mail, a SmartPhone, or another e-mail program --in most -- you'll go to Tools, Accounts, Add, & then a "set up wizard" will start, prompting for:

Display Name: Your first & last name
E-mail address: user@yourdomain.com (or .net or .org)
User name: user@yourdomain.com (or .net or .org)
Password: (that you provided or were issued -- case sensitive)
IMAP Incoming mail server: pass98.dizinc.com, connection security SSL (port 993), normal password.
SMTP Outgoing mail server: pass98.dizinc.com, connection security SSL (port 465).
(Outgoing mail server requires security, i.e., use the same user name and password as Incoming)

After setting up your account, you may wish to send yourself a test e-mail.

>>> You can also check your email by using Webmail. Open Internet Explorer (Chrome, Edge, Firefox, etc.) and go to:

http://www.yourdomain.com (or .net or .org)/webmail
and log in with:
User name: user@yourdomain.com (or .net or .org)
Password: (that you provided or were issued -- case sensitive)
After logging in, you'll be given a choice of Horde, SquirrelMail or Round Cube; they are all about the same -- whichever you choose, you should stick with it. You'll notice that you can also set up Auto Responders, Forwarding, etc.

>>> Possible gotcha: Make sure that you use the "@yourdomain.com (or .net or .org)" in your user name for logging on.


E-mail Strategies for your Business:

With your new domain, advertise the fact. Use your new e-mail address in all new correspondence.

You can check multiple e-mail accounts with Outlook, etc., and respond with your new e-mail account. Keep the old e-mail account for awhile. Correspondents will grow accustomed to your new e-mail account and eventually, you will be able to drop your old account, if desired.

You may wish to set up "department" e-mail accounts that may be handled by one or more members of your business. For instance, set up a sales@yourdomain.com account to field sales queries to the first available sales person. E-mail messages can be forwarded to as many recipients as desired -- on your domain or on another domain.

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